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Security Solutions that are a perfect fit for fitness centers.

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Gym market research and industry stats compiled by Wellness Creative Co. report that over 64 million Americans were gym members in 2019. With the COVID 19 pandemic finally on the wane and restrictions steadily being lifted, the number of people with gym memberships is likely to spike even further.

Fitness centers are in the business of facilitating exercise and enhancing health, but providing safe and secure spaces for their members is also an essential aspect of their business models. Given the vast amount of people coming and going from their facilities and the extended hours of operation that many offer, the need for trusted physical security and safety solutions in gyms and fitness centers is clear.

We at SECURITY PROS have worked closely with health and fitness providers and are adept in specifying, designing, and implementing security solutions ideally suited to their specific needs.



Like most facilities, gyms/fitness centers today want – and need – to control who is accessing various areas of their facility and keep track of who enters and exits. Access control systems us

e readers at both outdoor and indoor entrances that can read an authorized user’s credential – whether that be a "prox-card," key fob, or a contactless smart card technology, such as a mobile phone that serves as their entry credential. Once someone is given membership to a gym, they can be assigned their own access credential which allows them to come and go throughout the facilities they’re authorized to access. These systems can also provide an audit trail showing who entered and exited, where and when. This is especially useful in fitness center settings that house childcare rooms and employee offices that store member records.

And, like so many other facilities, fitness centers also need to control access to visitors, delivery people, and special contractors. Today’s visitor management systems, when integrated with access control devices, and audio / intercom systems, facilitate that, allowing breaches such as trespassing and unauthorized access to sensitive areas to be flagged and real-time alerts sent to initiate an immediate response. Visitor management systems also enable users to maintain a Cloud-based visitor log, take photos of visitors to help identify them, print out temporary visitor ID badges, and accept deliveries. They also increase operational efficiencies by automating employee, member, and visitor screening and check-in policies. We at SECURITY PROS can easily integrate a visitor management system with existing security infrastructure.



When strategically positioned, IP video surveillance cameras keep a close eye on everything that’s happening inside and outside of a facility. Every space within a fitness center – from childcare rooms, to locker rooms, weight rooms, etc. can be recorded, as can activity taking place in parking lots. IP cameras equipped with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology are especially useful in ensuring perimeter protection, as all vehicles coming and going are monitored and can be cross-checked against blacklisted intruders.

Used in conjunction with other security solutions, such as an access control system, video surveillance cameras are instrumental in helping prevent theft and other types of crimes that many facilities, including gyms and fitness centers, can be susceptible to. Together with our carefully chosen technology partners, our video surveillance solutions also provide advanced video analytics intelligence for detection and alerting capabilities.

In instances when footage is not being monitored live in real-time, recorded IP video can accessed and reviewed at a later time as network video is stored on a computer’s hard drive. This can be instrumental in liability issues and investigations. And, because they’re digital, IP camera images can be exported easily for review by law enforcement without diminishing their quality, allowing them to serve as evidence in court cases, if ever needed.



Fitness centers and gyms that have multiple locations benefit from enterprise level security platforms ensure your data is secure, accessible, and up to date at all times.

SECURITY PROS has the experience and expertise to outfit your fitness centers with the security solutions needed to keep your facility in tip-top shape. Call on us today to learn how we can equip your space with the security technology solutions you need to ensure the safety of your staff and members.

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