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Hosted Enterprise Level Solutions


Turn valuable insights into data-driven decisions with access control intelligence and activity analysis.


No more keys locked in offices or credentials not being returned. With mobile pass and NFC (near-field communication), a user's cellular device or smartwatch can be utilized as its own credential. Think of "tap-to-pay" but to unlock your door! 


Having control over your facility anytime and anywhere can enhance your overall security. With Security Pros, you can: 

  • Remotely unlock doors to facilitate visitor and delivery access as needed

  • Effortlessly monitor who has access to your facility

  • Maintain comprehensive records of all access events

  • Ensure you can verify who entered and when.

Open Platform

Leverage API integrations (Application Programming Interfaces) to synchronize your access control system with your HR or membership software

  • Enable automatic addition or removal of access for employees, members, visitors, and more

  • Effortlessly maintain accurate records with the synchronized system

  • Ensure your site remains secure by granting access only to those who require it.

Case Study - Northside Christian Church

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Know who is coming and going from your property or facility at all times.

With a Visitor Management System tied to your access control, you can:

  • Secure occupants by controlling visitors and deliveries

  • Make it easier to sign in/out, saving time for employees and visitors

  • Print visitor badges for clear identification

  • Verify everyone who enters your facility to be prepared in the event of an emergency or lockdown event

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