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Why Smart Schools are Migrating to Cloud-Based Access

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Moving their access control systems to the cloud is a choice that increasingly more end users are opting for. Cloud-based solutions are taking on a lot more traction as consumer awareness of the benefits continues to grow.


Once viewed by many as a risky proposition, cloud-based access is proving to be highly secure and more cost-effective than onsite physical access systems. Migrating to the cloud makes for a much lower upfront investment, as there’s no need to buy servers or operating systems. Nor are there any databases to license. End users only need to purchase onsite access hardware for installation on their sites and budget for the ongoing services.

End users across virtually all industry sectors are making the move to the cloud, and K-12 schools, colleges and

universities rank high among them. Sadly, we’ve all seen the sharp rise of active shooter incidents in our nation’s schools, making the need for increased security to protect our schoolchildren abundantly clear.

Security Pros has deep experience in implementing more effective school security plans using cloud-based access control technology. These solutions protect students while they learn, live, and play in their school environments.

And although those environments vary by age, security needs remain pretty much the same in schools of all grade levels. Our cloud-based access solution allows school administrators and security staff to grant access to approved employees and parents and create a smooth school safety solution that gives parents peace of mind. It prevents unauthorized intruders, and enables monitoring of all access points to detect risks and initiate campus lockdowns during an emergency.

We at Security Pros can help you select the right technology package that integrates with your existing hardware and grows as your needs change. Because our access systems operate on a unified security platform, you can monitor a single building, full campus, or entire district through just one single platform. When integrated with video surveillan

ce capabilities, your access system acts as a proactive tool for deterrence and detection to mitigate risks before and as they occur, and facilitates immediate campus-wide lockdown from any location with the simple push of a button. And, our visitor tracking solutions allow you to easily control who can and cannot be granted access to your facility and provides an audit trail for recordkeeping.

With a cloud solution, administrators can instantly grant or revoke access from any Internet-connected device. It also means you can instantly see what’s happening across your entire school building or campus from any device, anywhere and anytime to monitor activity and respond to incidents in real time. Because of this mobile capability, you can manage your system onsite or remotely, immediately revoke access rights if needed, and add new authorized users instantly.

Schools often work within limited security budgets; our cloud-based access solutions come at a low and predictable price that fit school budgets while providing the high level of safety and security that our nation’s schools and schoolchildren require.

Call on us today to learn how we can help your school migrate to cloud-based access control.


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