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Let Technology Manage Your Guests

In today's fast-paced world, effectively managing the flow of individuals entering and exiting your facility presents numerous challenges. By integrating our advanced ProMatching Facial Verification technology, you can enhance the security of your building while ensuring a positive and seamless experience for your guests.


Keep Away Bad Actors

If you need to prevent certain individuals from entering your property, our ProMatch service offers a comprehensive solution. Utilizing a gallery of pre-uploaded photos, your surveillance system will identify each person entering your facility. If a face matches someone on your watchlist, your team will receive immediate notifications with the time and location, enabling swift action.


Improve the Customer Experience

Do you have VIP customers and can't risk them being overlooked by your staff? Avoid the need to individually train employees on recognizing key individuals and remembering relevant details. ProMatch can seamlessly identify VIP guests using pre-uploaded gallery photos, such as those of your company CEO or loyal customers. Once identified, your team will be notified and provided with pertinent information, such as their favorite beverage or past purchases, ensuring a personalized and attentive experience.

Security Room
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