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Analytic Driven

Video Surveillance has evolved to provide advanced analytics for detection and alerting capabilities.  


Edge Recording & Analytics

With the advances made by Hanwha with the Wisenet Series of surveillance cameras, our team can design, install and support the right solution for your unique application.

Diverse Applications & Environments

The application of the technology to your circumstances is key to a successful deployment.  Our staff is dedicated to this line of products to help us specialize in it's performance for you and your operation.  

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Cloud Hosted & Managed

The hosted revolution is here.  Moving your surveillance system to the "cloud" adds a layer of redundancy to your surveillance system.  Not only can you store your video onsite, but in the cloud from 7 Days up to 5 Years.  

Legacy Migration

Our team can help you migrate your legacy system, or design a new solution that can help meet your budget while providing the flexibility you are looking for. 

Proven Partner

We have partnered with a leader in the hosted video space.  Eagle Eye Networks continues to innovate their products and works alongside our team as we keep a close eye on the future of our industry.  



Secure Environment

If your operation calls for a more secure environment, our partnership with NetWatch can take your surveillance to the next level.  

ProActive Live Challenge

A ProActive surveillance deployment allows our team to create analytic barriers which can trigger a "LIVE" verbal challenge that can remove the threat.  This means that a live operator is challenging via speaker onsite and dispatch the authorities if the situation calls for it.  

Industry Leading Partner

We are excited for this partnership which allows us to offer a much higher level of protection for our clients.

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ProActive Surveillance
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