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How Proactive Video Monitoring is Safeguarding Construction Sites

Organizations of all kinds are facing serious security challenges. They impact every type of company across all industry sectors. Construction sites are not immune, as liability, vandalism, and theft issues on job sites rank as just some of the security risks faced by construction management teams.

Their sites are especially attractive to criminals – and lure with opportunity. The high value equipment, tools and building materials they house are appealing and lucrative targets for theft. If these assets are stolen, they can levy hefty cost losses to construction companies, even totaling millions of dollars annually. Couple that with the reality that security guards are expensive and have limited ability to keep watch over an entire site.

According to the National Equipment Register (NER), the value of stolen construction equipment totals between $300 million and $1 billion, with less than 25% ever getting recovered. And while insurance coverage can help offset that, if claims or damages get too high, insurance premiums can also rise – substantially.

And if brazen thieves weren’t enough to contend with, vagrants and vandals can also find a way to access job sites without adequate physical security measures in place. Even without intending to commit a crime or incur losses, vagrants and vandals can cause disruption and financial loss by tampering with equipment, damaging building materials or gear, or injuring themselves and then initiating an unwanted and unwarranted civil lawsuit.

Because construction sites are challenging to secure, traditional security options like video surveillance, perimeter fencing, and motion sensor alarms simply are not often enough. That’s because fencing and other obstacles can be easily bypassed, and cameras, even when they’re properly positioned and maintained, only deliver footage that merely only documents activity. Response to that activity is needed to prevent security breaches from progressing.

We at Security Pros partner with a global technology leader specializing in video monitoring services. Together, we provide customers – many in the construction sector - with intelligent remote video monitoring to proactively detect and prevent incidents before they begin. And respond in real time.

Our Proactive Video Monitoring solution is the most trusted way to ensure construction sites are safe and secure. With its purpose-built platform, our proactive video monitoring solution leverages smart technology along with dedicated, U.S.-based agents to protect construction sites against crime and the costly price tag associated with it.

Our live video surveillance monitoring solutions are at work 24/7 and operate in real time, to see – and respond to – security events as they occur. When suspicious activity is detected, it is verified via video and immediately responded to with a live, personalized audio warning while also notifying police. After the incident is resolved, a complete incident report is automatically issued with a detailed account, timestamp and the actions taken.

Our proactive video monitoring surveillance system solution provides construction companies and developers 24/7 protection, preventing crimes before they occur and ensures that their sites, equipment, building materials, and other high value assets are secure and protected 24/7. Call on Security Pros today to learn more about how we can safeguard your construction site from costly security breaches and equip your site with the physical security solutions you need.

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