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ProActive Surveillance

ProActive Surveillance is a layer of your surveillance system that adds a human element to work as a virtual security guard. Rather than playing a recorded message to kick trespassers or vandals off your property, when configured, a live person will address the suspect. This person, the intervention specialist, will call out specific features such as "you in the black shirt near the white sedan holding a crowbar". This tells the offender that they are not only caught in the act but that a real person is recording their actions. 98% of the time, people run. If they do not leave, the intervention specialist can dispatch police and assist in the capture by helping direct officers to the criminal. 


Remote Locations

ProActive Surveillance can go anywhere. Using our solar-powered Rapid Deployment Units, you can replace or enhance traditional guard services, saving cost and lowering risk.

Some of the many locations we provide services are:

  • Construction Sites

  • Law Enforcement

  • Special Events

  • Parking

  • Emergency Management

  • Parks and Recreations Areas

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