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Cross Docking Security Solutions for Trucking Companies

Security Pros proudly serves the security needs of clients across many industry sectors. The Trucking & Warehousing industry ranks high among them. We have a deep understanding of the unique operational challenges and security concerns they face.


Most all trucking and warehousing facilities require a high level of security, including access control and video surveillance systems to manage verification of shipments, truck arrivals, unloading, and the safety and security of remote lots and hubs.

A common logistics practice for many trucking companies is cross-docking – which is the unloading of materials from a manufacturer or mode of transportation directly to the customer or another mode of transportation, with little or no storage in between. This may be done to change the type of conveyance, to sort material intended for different destinations, or to combine material from different origins into transport vehicles (or containers) with the same or similar destinations.

Simply states, cross-docking is a distribution system of goods, whereby those goods are received directly at a warehouse or a distribution center. Goods are not stored in storage but are always ready to be shipped to retail stores. Cross-docking, therefore, requires a very harmonious relationship between receiving and delivery activities.


While the cross-docking technique does reduces distribution costs, it does require a high level of security to ensure a smooth and safe transition of goods. Although cross-docking often enhances operating performance, increases productivity and provides improved operation for in-motion labeling and measuring, label checking, destination scanning, it also can present an increased risk of theft. And, because goods are not packed in compliance with the company’s standard and particular system or style, long-term cross-docking increases the risk of lost inventory, shrink or defective products.

Video surveillance is doing much to mitigate these risks. While any surveillance camera is useful, multi-sensor cameras are especially effective in trucking facilities. They feature four or more individual lenses and image sensors that provide 180° panoramic coverage and offer multiple views. This ability to deliver detailed views over large coverage areas make them a perfect choice for safeguarding busy transportation hubs.


A trusted access control system is also a top security priority at these locations. In cross-docking, there are often temporary or short-term workers coming and going, but it’s still very important for management and/or security teams to know who is entering and exiting the site, and when. All workers need to be enrolled and assigned an access credential to validate that they’re authorized to be there. Typically, they’re provided with an access card, such as a Prox card, or a Pin code. Some end users today are opting for biometric credentials, as they are unique only to the enrolled user and can’t be duplicated, lost or stolen. Regardless of the credentials used, an access system controls who is coming and going and maintains an audit trail while also protecting the goods being transported.

Among the security measures that Security Pros recommends and specifies for our Trucking & Warehousing clients include: License Plate Capture, Internal and External Surveillance, Lot Surveillance, Gate Access Control, and Visitor/Driver Security and Safety. By controlling visitors, using analytics to monitor lots, and challenging individuals when necessary, our platforms can easily integrate for centralized management.

Call on us to learn more about how we can better secure your site.


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