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This journey began with a discussion over the bed of a pickup truck, after a long day on the farm with my father.  He said, "Son, there is more for you out there." Those words were hard to hear, but they sent me down the path of technology.  That path led to the founding of this company in late 2009. 


Starting as a technician with the largest security company in the world, I'm not sure this was the plan, but here we are.  Over the years, the job has turned into my life's work and passion.  To the people and support we have had over the years, I will be eternally grateful.  For those of you that believed in me early and for those of you that still do, I cannot say thank you enough.  

Our story is strong, our vision is clear, and the dream is very much alive.  Our company is stronger than ever and our future is very bright.  Our key to success is to never forget where we come from, the work that has got us to where we are, and the relationships that we create along the way.  


Chris Gilbert


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