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SDM/ISC - March 2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The year of change for Security Pros.


What an opportunity this industry has continually provided for our team. We are very excited to see the expansion of our company and how it is being received by industry leaders. This past week I had the pleasure of heading west to ISC in Las Vegas, NV. During the event, I had the pleasure to spend time with, whom I consider to be leading the charge to the future of our industry. Sitting with them and getting their thoughts on where we are all heading and how we are going to get there together tells me a lot about what role our team will play in the future of our industry.

It also just so happens that we were on the cover of SDM this month and the timing could not have been better, for a back to normal ISC West event. The show can be very distracting, and the options can seem endless, but if you remain true to your vision you can adapt your experience for a worthwhile and productive show.

I recommend spending time understanding the markets, the products and more importantly the services that drive recurring revenue to your business while providing industry leading features for your clients. Our industry is evolving and your decision to get on board is vital to your long-term vision and success.


Looking back at the start of our company some 13 years ago, I remember the first time I saw another truck of ours with our logo on it, it moved me to tears to know that it was finally a reality. This past week, while attending ISC West our logo was featured on training room posters and in the booths of our partners. I believe they are very proud to be a part of what we are doing, and I cannot say thank you enough for their support. As the show ended, being exhausted, and finally sitting still for a bit I took another second to reflect on what just happened, and again the eyes welled up. Our business just had a presence in one of the largest industry shows on the planet.

We have been building a business focused on the client's experience with security technology. It has been difficult for sure, but it has always been worth the effort. It takes passion at every level of our company to understand the impact our technology has on our clients and how they interact with it across their organization. We have not always gotten it right, and we have a long way to go to ensure that we maintain that focus in a sustainable way. I believe one of the main keys to that being a successful endeavor is our selection of partners and their impact on us and their innovation of the products they manufacture. The story in SDM this month is a result of our team's passion, vision of the future and what is possible when you learn to adapt to change and overcome obstacles through innovation and focus.


ISC WEST - 2022

This year was back to normal, the crowd was there and the timing could not have been better for us to be featured in the March Issue of SDM Magazine. When I showed up and saw our friends from Brivo and Eagle Eye they let me know they were handing out the article, right as I was meeting with a potential global client. The client proceeded to ask for the article and then handed it back to me asking for an autograph. This certainly opened the doors for the relationship to expand beyond North America for us. We can only reach this customer through the use of true cloud surveillance and access control technology.

It's clear to me that in business, it takes relationships. Those relationships must exist between the manufacturer, the integrator and the client. The manufacture must be in a position to listen to the front line integrator and we are very lucky to have those relationships in place.


As we look to the future, our company is poised to innovate the way our trade is envisioned and we will continue to strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do. Our mission is to provide the latest our industry has to offer, while applying that technology to the business our clients are expected to operate. This is just the start. We have some big dreams for our business and intend to double down on our partnerships and expand our offering through innovation and focus on real issues our clients face.

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