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Evolution of Surveillance Technology

Updated: Feb 7

There is a difference between a camera system and a Surveillance Solution.

Over the past 20 years, really since 9/11 we have seen our industry shift. Prior to 9/11 we had Y2k and the early emergence of DVR's or Digital Video Recorders. At the same time we were still using video tape in Time Lapse VCR's. What these major events taught us is that pulling video and the use of that video in investigations.

Pulling Video has always proven to be a chore and I believe that the past 20 years while our technology has been evolving, the perceived burden of accessing the video and the implementation and use of a video system has remained the same.

To support this theory, today we see customers building buildings and using architects recommendations on camera locations based on technology from the 80's. Most recently I saw this in a school corporation's bid for work. Additionally, we see it in business operations. Clients feel initially that the use of a cameras system is a secondary tool that can be used to resolve complaints, catch theft or deter other crimes or unwanted activity.


The facts are that surveillance technology has evolved in several ways. First, the resolution of an IP based Video system is beyond what is expected in most cases. The application of the right resolution in the right situation is part of the artform that this trade brings to the table. Resolution is key in investigations, audits and just about every instance where video is needed.

Remote accessibility is another major factor that has evolved over time. Just about every system out there can be connected to remotely. While the days of a VPN connection for all of us is less likely the need for a secure remote connection is not. The use of True Cloud Solutions such Eagle Eye is key to providing the security and flexibility in today's business operations.

Once you have the resolution needed and the remote accessibility in place the integration of the access control system and your surveillance system is another key step that most companies just do not know exist today. In the past this was very hard to do and it took constant connection fixes to ensure that the two systems were evolving together. Today, the use of True Cloud solutions such as Brivo Systems and Eagle Eye Networks is key to having video and building access events tied together. Additionally, these solutions have the capabilities of integrating with other identity connectors such as Azure, GSuite and other HR, and Membership software's.

Finally, the use of AI and visual representations of your security technology's activity is changing the way we manage our businesses. Alerting when someone is accessing an area outside norms or searching video for a plate number or suspect with a blue shirt on for example, is speeding up the operator and allowing for real-time activity alerting and a more effective use of this management tool.


To navigate this, there are companies like ours that bring a knowledge base to your doorstep. It is our responsibility to listen to your business needs, make recommendations and educate you on the use and application of the technoogy that is leading our industry forward. In the end it's the partnership between the integration company and the end user that allows for long term mutual success.



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